What is Kansas Miracle?

Kansas Miracle is a campus-wide movement benefitting our local Children's Miracle Network, the pediatric department at the University of Kansas Health System. Our goal is to ignite a movement; encouraging everyone to join us so we can ensure no child or parent has to fight pediatric illness alone.

As members of KS Miracle, we understand that not all kids get to experience the same childhood memories that we did. Sometimes, kids need to prepare for their next surgery instead of preparing for college. They wear hospital bracelets instead of homecoming corsages. Their birthdays are filled with monitors beeping instead of friends singing. 

This is why we are challenging everyone to help us in the fight against pediatric illness and join the




Our annual dance marathon is a day dedicated for standing for those who can’t. On February 23, 2019 from 10 am–8pm we will stand, dance, and cheer with the kids and families that we support.

Registration for the event is only $25 and the earlier you register the more money you can raise for our families.

Click here to register today!