We wanna dance with somebody

That somebody is you. We encourage anybody who is interested in making a difference in the local community to apply to be on one of our committees. We have a committee available for any major or interest. Warning: Once you join KU Dance Marathon, your life might be changed forever due to the indescribable experience.

about each committee


Responsible for managing KUDM’s budget and expenses. Also coordinates the final donation reveal at the end of Dance Marathon. Additionally, responsibilities of this position include recording and depositing all check donations, submitting the Coca-Cola funding and product requests, as well as the Student Senate Line-Item Application.


Oversees the planning and execution of all KUDM fundraising campaigns, both on campus and within the community, as well as KUDM fundraising events. Such responsibilities include organizing passive and active canning, hosting Trivia and Karaoke Nights, and incentivizing Dancer Fundraising.  Also working with local high schools to establish and expand Mini-Marathons.


Establishes and maintains relationships with businesses in the Lawrence and surrounding areas. The committee also oversees the fulfillment of catering needs for Dance Marathon. Responsibilities include updating and distributing the KUDM Sponsorship Packet, serving as the liaison or all organizational printing needs, and securing in-kind donations for KUDM promotional items, which will be designed with the assistance of the Media Relations.


Responsible for conceptualizing and carrying out KUDM’s graphic design work and promotional campaign(s).  Design and film/media students to ensure the creation and distribution of print and online advertisements, promotional videos and other design needs in other departments. Other responsibility include designing sponsorship packet, family packets, brochures, business cards, t-shirts, posters, etc. KUDM creates all original designs within all aspects of the organization.

Family Relations:

Acts as a liaison between KUDM, KU Pediatrics, and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Additionally, this individual oversees all communication with KUDM Miracle Families. Their responsibilities include contacting Miracle Families for KUDM events, keeping the organization updated with information about our Mircacle Children, and keeping all KUDM students in tune with the mission of the organization: For the Kids.

Media Relations:

Responsible for conceptualizing and carrying out KUDM’s promotional campaign(s). You will work closely with the Design Director and their committee to create and distribute all print and online advertisements, as well as promotional vides. Other responsibilities include managing the KUDM social media accounts, overseeing advertising on campus and online, distribution of all promotional items and giveaways, creating press releases for KUDM events, working with local media outlets to ensure coverage of KUDM, and writing the Marathon Monthly, KUDM’s Newsletter that is distributed to faculty, staff, families, and alumni.

Recruitment & Morale:

Strive to maintain a high level of enthusiasm and energy for KUDM throughout the year. Your responsibilities include creating the Morale Dance, actively participating in all Tabling and Canning events, coordinating organization visits and all recruitment efforts, and working with the other committees to send monthly email updates to dancers.

Faculty and Alumnae:

Responsible for contacting and updating KU alumni and faculty about upcoming events, fundraising information, and recent news. Also, maintains communication with university officials, staff, and alumni to keep the spirit of DM alive.


Responsible for planning Dance Marathon and making the event appealing to a vast audience of students. The responsibilities of this committee include establishing the theme for Dance Marathon, communicating with and contracting all DJs, bands, and performers for Dance Marathon, planning dancer activities, and creating the Master Schedule for Dance Marathon.