That somebody is you. We encourage anybody who is interested in making a difference in the local community to apply to be on ta Kansas Miracle committee. By joining a committee you will develop skills in an area of interest while also seeing your hard work change the lives of so many others. 

Warning: Once you join Kansas Miracle, your life might be changed forever due to the indescribable experience. Take a look at each committee listed below and find the application at the bottom of the page.

ABOUT EACH committee

Fundraising Committee

Last year our organization raised over $75,000 for the kids. Want to help us top that? If you're on the Fundraising Committee, you will help coordinate fundraising campaigns throughout the year in order to help us reach our fundraising goal. You know the best restaurants to pick for percentage nights. You are able to plan canning trips in the Lawrence and Kansas City area. You make sure we're on track to our goal each month. You understand a thing or two about non-profit fundraising. There are many opportunities for creativity on the Fundraising Committee, and you will see your hard work manifest when we reveal the final fundraising totals.

Sponsorship Committee

If you're on the Sponsorship Committee, you recognize a win-win situation when you see one. You've got a great handshake. You know someone who knows someone who knows someone. Members of the Sponsorship Committee establish and maintain relationships with businesses in the Lawrence and Kansas City areas and will get real business experience. Responsibilities include growing our current sponsor list while maintaining good relationships with our current, scheduling and conducting in-house meetings with potential sponsors, distributing the KUDM Sponsorship Packet, solidifying an elevator pitch to use when meeting with potential sponsors, and more.

Design Committee

If you're on the Graphic Design Committee, you're probably a young Picasso prodigy. Just kidding, but you know your way around Adobe software. Members of the Design Committee are responsible for conceptualizing and carrying out KUDM’s brand design and promotional campaigns. The Graphic Design Committee and the Media Committee will work closely to think of campaigns to execute throughout the year. You will create items such as our sponsorship packet, family packets, brochures, business cards, t-shirts, posters, etc. KUDM creates all original designs within all aspects of the organization. Major key to adding work to your portfolio.

Family Relations Committee

If you're on the Family and Community Relations Committee, you must know how to play tag with 30+ kids without getting tired. This committee oversees all communication with our Miracle Families and with KU Pediatrics. Members of the Family and Community Relations Committee will make sure that our organization and KU Pediatrics are in constant contact with each other and that our Miracle Families are informed and involved with our organization throughout the year. Get ready to add many, many more birthdays to your calendar. We like to celebrate each Miracle Child's special day. You will also plan our community outreach efforts, which include organizing Mini-Marathons at local high schools and involving the Lawrence community with our cause.

Media Committee

If you're on the Media Committee, you're a Social Media King/Queen. Or you're about to become one. Members of the Media Committee will be responsible for conceptualizing and carrying out KUDM’s promotional campaigns via social media and PR campaigns on campus. You will work to keep our social media outlets updated and looking professional. You know how Facebook, Twitter and Instagram work and how to strategically use each outlet differently. You will have opportunities to write newsletters, create and execute public relations events, write advertising campaigns, practice social media editorial writing, and more. All in all, you will act as the voice for our organization.

Recruitment Committee

If you're on the Recruitment Committee, you're familiar with the art of persuasion, you're not afraid to speak in front of a crowd, and you know how to write a good email. You're not afraid to be loud and you're passionate about our cause. Members of the Recruitment Committee are responsible for coordinating recruitment efforts throughout the entire year. Some of these efforts include tabling, discount days, organization visits, etc. You will plan how to strategically reach out to Greek chapters, residence halls, scholarship halls, student organizations, etc. and educate them about KUDM's mission. You will also create email campaigns to reach out to potential dancers. You will get a lot of public speaking experience through your involvement with this committee, as well as experience being the life of the party. 

Morale Committee

If you're on the Morale Committee, you're like the guy from Footloose that makes everyone want to get up and dance. And you've got a winning personality. Members of the Morale Committee will be responsible for coordinating the morale dance, which we teach all of the dancers at the marathon. Other responsibilities include maintaining relationships will our registered dancers to ensure that they are staying updated about organization news heading into the marathon. For example, you will create email campaigns to keep registered dancers informed and updated on upcoming events. You'll be their favorite name in their inbox. Members of the Morale Committee will also coordinate the Miracle Cup Competition. What's that, you ask? Apply to find out.

Entertainment Committee

If you're on the Entertainment Committee, you're a planner. You have a planner. You plan to use your planner. Event planning is your calling. The Entertainment Committee is responsible for planning the actual Dance Marathon and making the event appealing to a vast audience of students. Responsibilities include establishing the theme for Dance Marathon, communicating with and contracting all DJs, bands, and performers for Dance Marathon, planning dancer activities, and creating the master schedule for Dance Marathon. Did we also mention that you get to decorate the entire Union Ballroom however you like? You will also be responsible for coordinating events leading up to the marathon, such as the VolleyTHON volleyball tournament. 



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