we like win-win situations

What's better than raising money for KU Pediatrics AND receiving prizes for the amounts you raise? Not much. This is almost like getting prizes at Chuck-E-Cheese, but better. Take a look at some of the prizes you receive when you work hard and fundraise FTK:

$0-$50 visitor level

You have to raise at least $50 to receive rewards!

$50 Participant Level

KUDM T-shirt and two meals during the marathon

$100 rock chalk level

All previous levels plus decal and logo cup

$250 Jayhawk Level

All previous levels plus FTK sunglasses, 10 minute sit down pass, 2 warrants for jail

$500 for the kids level

All previous levels plus 5 minute massage coupon

$1000 comma club

All previous levels plus comma club shirt, 10 minute family room pass, FTK pocket hat, get out of jail voucher

$2000 + miracle level

All previous levels plus name on screen, 10 free raffle tickets, FTK water bottle